Green chemicals in our factory

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1. March 2023.

The “ Environmentally Sound Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Industrial and Hazardous Waste Sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina ” Project is being carried out by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Office from 2021 and 2023 and funded by the Government of Sweden.

One of the project’s components is “Implementation of the principles of green chemicals in industry” , which we at TT Cables have decided to use as an opportunity for growth and sustainable development. „Green chemicals“ are field of chemical engineering which generates chemical products and manufacturing methods that minimize or completely eliminate the and production of hazardous materials. It is applied throughout the entire life cycle of the chemical product.

The project is divided into various phases. The first phase involved a thorough identification and analysis of all materials and energy fluctuations, including input raw materials and output emissions into the environment and water. A team of specialists from the Center for Environment, Energy and Resources – CENER21 completed this phase in July 2022 and recommended strategies for implementing green chemistry principles. Several of these steps have already been taken, which has led to financial savings, a decrease in waste volume, a considerable decrease in employees’ health hazards, and a significant contribution to environmental protection.

A contract was signed extending the relationship until October 2023, and we will to implement Green Chemical Practices.

At TT Cables, we are confident that sustainable innovation and growth are the only ones that can succeed over the long haul. That is why, as a regional leader in the cable industry, we continuously develop new strategies for sustainable development while shaping our business and strengthening our financial results. This project is just one of our “green” projects that we are working on and plan to do in the future.

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