Overhead power cable 0,6/1 kV with Al conductors, PE insulated


For distributive low overhead network in the city, pros urban and rural areas.For supply of remote facilities and villages of temporary and permanent character.For above-ground house connections.


Phase conductors: Al, class 1 or 2 according to
EN 60228, HD 626 S1, p.3A
Neutral conductors: Al, class 2 according to EN
60228 , HD 626 S1, p.3A
Insulation: PE compound TIP 1

Technical Characteristics

CPR class: Fca
Test voltage: 4 Kv
Rated voltage: 0,6/1 kV
Bending radius (min): 18D
Min. laying temperature: -5°C
Max. conductor temperature: 70°C
Max. short-circuit temperature: 120°C
Operating temperature: from -25°C to 70°C

Country: Austria
Industry: Building & Construction, Transmission, Distribution & Power Networks
Standard: HD 626 S1, ÖVE/ÖNORM E8200-626
Type: Overhead Line, Power Network & Local Distribution Cable
Conformitè EuropëenneREACHROHS

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