Power cable 0,6/1 kV with Cu conductors, rubber G16 insulated and PVC sheathed


Reference Guidance CEI 20-67: Cable suitable for energy supply in industry, building sites and construction industry. For fixed wiring indoors and outdoors, even wet; for direct and indirect underground wiring. Suitable for installation at open air, on walls, metal structures, cable trays, pipes, wiring holders and similar devices. Suitable for bundle installations in environments at risk of fire.


Conductors: Cu, class 5 according to EN 60228
Insulation: Rubber compound G16 quality
Sheath: PVC compound R16 quality, gray

Tehnical characteristics

CPR class: Cca – s3,d1,a3
Test voltage: 4 kV
Rated voltage: 0,6/1 kV
Bending radius (min): single-core – 6D
Min. laying temperature: -15°C
Max. conductor temperature: 90°C
Max. short-circuit temperature: 250°C

Country: Italy, Slovenia
Industry: Building & Construction, Data Centres, Transmission, Distribution & Power Networks
Standard: CEI 20-13, IEC 60502-1
Type: Data centre cables, Fixed Wiring Cable, Industrial Cable, Power Network & Local Distribution Cable
Conformitè EuropëenneCPRIECREACHROHS

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