Power cable 0,6/1 kV with Al conductors, XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed


Distribution and signal power cable for static application, mostly in ground, but also within and outside facilities, in cable canals, in concrete. Used in electric power plants and other electric plants, in industry, metropolitan networks and for connection of signalling devices in industry, traffic and similar. Resistant to mechanical loads, able to sustain heavier mechanical tensile strains, could be laid slantingly or vertically, same as on grounds exposed to land-sliding.


Conductors: Al, class 1 according to EN 60228
Insulation: XLPE compound
Bedding: Extruded elastomere or plastomere
compound or plastic tape
Armour: a layer of round galvanized steel wires
Sheath: PVC compound

Technical Characteristics

Voltage rating (Uo/U): 0,6/1 kV
Min. temp. for cable laying: -5°C
Max. working temperature: 70°C
Max. short-circuit temperature: 160°C
Min. bending radius:
single-core – 15D; multicore – 12D

Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Building & Construction, Transmission, Distribution & Power Networks
Standard: BS 5467, IEC 60502-1
Type: Armoured Cable – SWA & AWA, Industrial Cable, Power Network & Local Distribution Cable

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