Low voltage 450/750 V flexible Cu conductor, HFFR insulated


For wiring of lamps, devices, switchgear cabinetsand distribution boxes. For installation in tubes,on, in and under plaster as well as in closed installation ducts. In building with a high density of people or valuable assets. For use in dry rooms.


Conductors: Cu, class 5 according to EN 60228
Insulation: Halogen-free thermoplastic compound, type TI 7 according to EN 50353-7; UV resistant

Technical Characteristics

CPR class: B2ca-s1,d1,a1
Test voltage: 2,5 kV
Rated voltage: 450/750 V
Bending radius (min): 5D
Min. laying temperature: 5°C
Ambience temp. range: -35°C to 35°C
Max. conductor temperature: 70°C
Max. short-circuit temperature:160°C

Country: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia
Industry: Building & Construction, Data Centres, Switchgear
Standard: EN 50525-3-31
Type: Data centre cables, Fixed Wiring Cable, LSZH Cable, LV installation cables
Conformitè EuropëenneCPRIECREACHROHS

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