Low voltage PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable


Flexible cable for medium mechanical stresses. Permitted frequent bending and twisting. Specially suitable for application in household, kitchens and offices in dry and damp conditions, for inst. washing- machines, dryers, refrigerators etc., as long as the cable is adapted to essential specifications of the device. Also suitable for cookers, i.e. hot devices, on condition that it does not get in direct contact with hot parts of the device and is not exposed to heat irradiation. Suitable for fixed installation in furniture, partition walls, decorative linings and cavities in prefabricated construction elements.


Conductors: Cu rope, class 5
Insulation: PVC compound TI2
Sheath: PVC compound TM2

Tehnical characteristics

CPR class: Eca
Test voltage: 2,0 kV
Rated voltage: 300/300 V
Bending radius (min): 6xD
Max. conductor temperature: 70°C
Max. short-circuit temperature:160°C

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia
Industry: Building & Construction, Switchgear
Standard: EN 50525-2-11, IEC 60227
Type: Fixed Wiring Cable, LV installation cables, PVC Cables

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