Power cable 450/750 V with Cu conductors, insulated and sheathed with PVC


Cable for the control, measuring and signal circuits of electrical equipment for fixed surface and flush-mounted installations,indoors and outdoors. Not suitable for installation directly in ground nor directly in concrete without protective ducting. Not for installations subject to electrical interference. Concentric conductor can be used as neutral, protective or earth connection, and if there is a danger of damages, it acts as protection against contact voltage in case of rough insulation damage. Conductors: Al, class 2 according to EN 60228 Insulation: LS0H compound


Conductors: Annealed Cu, class 1 according to
EN 60228
Insulation: PVC compound, type TI1
Bedding: Extruded elastomere or plastomere
compound or plactic tape
Concentric conductor: Cu wires with counter helix
of Cu tape
Sheath: PVC compound, type TM 1

Tehnical characteristics

CPR class: Eca
Test voltage: 2,5 kV
Rated voltage: 450/750 V
Min. bending radius: multicore – 12D
Max. short-circuit temperature: 160°C
Installation temp. range: -5°C do + 40°C
Working temperature range: -30°C do + 70°C
Fire resistance: acc. to IEC 60332-1
Warranty: 24 months
Service time: 40 years

Country: Finland
Industry: Building & Construction
Standard: HD 627 S1, p.4D-2
Type: Control Cable, PVC Cables, Screened cables
Conformitè EuropëenneCPRIECREACHROHS

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