Power cable 0,6/1 kV with Cu conductors, XLPE insulated and HFFR sheathed


XGB are fire retardant power cables for domestic and industrial applications with a voltage rating of 1kV. This product range is suitable for use indoor and outdoor, protected by ducts for mechanical and UV protection. They are suitable for use in public buildings including airports, hospitals and railway stations and in any environment which would be sensitive to smoke and corrosive gases in the event of a fire due to the concentration of people or the presence of valuable equipment, especially in difficult evacuation conditions.


Conductors: Cu annealed conductors, class 1 or class 2
according to EN 60228
Insulation: XLPE compound DIX 1
Bedding: Extruded elastomere or plastomere
compound or plastic tape
Sheath: LS0H compound, type G

Technical characteristics

Test voltage: 4 kV
Rated voltage: 0,6/1 kV
Bending radius (min): single-core – 15D;
multicore – 12D
Min. laying temperature: 0°C
Operating temperature: -15°C to 60°C
Max. conductor temperature: 90°C
Max. short-circuit temperature: 250°C
Flame propagation: EN 60332-1-2
Fire propagation: EN 50339, EN 60332-3-24
Low emission of halogen and corrosive gases:
EN 60754-1 i EN 60754-2
Smoke density: EN 61034-2


Country: Belgium
Industry: Building & Construction, Transmission, Distribution & Power Networks
Standard: NBN HD 604 S1, part 4G
Type: Industrial Cable, Power Network & Local Distribution Cable, PVC Cables
Conformitè EuropëenneIECREACHROHS

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